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Dr. Sunalp has provided state of the art ophthalmic services in the San Joaquin valley for the last 30 years. His specialized training has given the community access to ophthalmic laser surgery using VISX LASIK Excimer Laser system, state of the art cataract surgery using multifocal and toric intraocular lens implants along with glaucoma and diabetic eye care. Throughout his professional career Dr. Sunalp has dedicated himself to the vision of the community so that each and every patient can see a better and brighter tomorrow.

Services are provided through three offices, each staffed with multilingual, trained and certified personnel. We are all committed to providing high quality patient care. 


Our allied health personnel are trained and certified in order to meet the highest standards of patient care and safety.  Technicians are certified by the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO®) and are kept up to date through CE meetings and ophthalmology conferences.


Most importantly, since our staff is multilingual, we are likely to be able to speak with you in your native language. Come in today and say "Hola", "Bonjour", "Olá", "Guten Tag" "Ciào", "Merhaba", "Tungjatjeta" or just plain "Hello."


Tulare Office:

348 E King Ave.

Tulare, CA 93274

Bakersfield Office:

6000 Physicians Blvd.

Bakersfield, CA 93301

Dr. Sunalp on The Chris Terrence Show


What do our patients say?

I drove from Orange County for my NuVision laser eye procedure, which meant that I had to stay overnight at a nearby hotel after the surgery. Although I was far from home, Dr. Sunalp and his staff made me feel completely at home in Tulare.

The morning after my surgery I woke up in my hotel room and turned on the TV; I almost cried when I was able to see the US Women's Gymnastics Team at the Olympics perfectly clear, for the first time, with my new eyes.


It has been two months since the surgery, and I can definitely say that I have transformed as an individual. Now I take the time to notice the little things I couldn't see before, such as individual leaves on trees, I find myself using all of my senses more effectively. It is so nice to be able to slow down and enjoy the beauty that I never realized surrounds me every day.


I am so grateful for Dr. Sunalp, his team and laser eye surgery! My life has changed completely!


Lauren Buchbinder

LASIK: J. Rodgers
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