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Murad A. Sunalp, MD, MBA, FACS
Dr. Sunalp has provided state of the art ophthalmologic services in the San Joaquin valley for the last 30 years. His specialized training has given the community access to ophthalmic laser surgery using VISX and LASIK Excimer Laser systems, up-to-the minute cataract management using multifocal and toric intraocular lens implants; and glaucoma and diabetic eye care. He has developed innovative techniques to treat common eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy in a safe and effective manner. Though dedicated to professional services. Dr. Sunalp has also pledged time and resources to the community, providing eye examinations, and support to local charities such as CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for Children and Visalia Veterans Committee.
Services are provided through three offices, each staffed with multilingual, trained and certified personnel. All are committed to providing high quality, patient centered care.
Throughout his professional career Dr. Sunalp has dedicated himself to the vision of the community so that each and every patient can see a better and brighter tomorrow.
Dr. Sunalp's education began at an English boarding school and continued through some of the top educational facilities in the world. He was graduated from Oxford University Medical School at St. John’s College and continued his post-graduate medical education in ophthalmology at Stanford and the University of Southern California. His most recent educational accomplishment has been an MBA at the University of Tennessee. Throughout his career he has remained up to date on medical advancements by both participating and teaching continuing medical education courses.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Master of Business Administration (MBA), PEMBA



University of Oxford

BM BCh MA, Medicine



University of California, Los Angeles

Business Administration, Management and Operation




Residency, Ophthalmology Residency Program


Innovations and Publications

Modern medical care is built on research and innovation.  The development of newer more effective treatments for diseases and injuries requires a deep understanding of the disease process and a willingness to “think differently.”  This commitment can be measured in publications, patents and presentations to the medical community and the world at large. Dr. Sunalp’s interests has resulted in innovations in areas ranging from contact lenses worn by SCUBA divers to specialized instruments used during ophthalmic surgery.

Dr. Sunalp is Board Certified by
The American Board of Ophthalmology
The International Association of Ophthalmologist recognizes
Murad A. Sunalp, MD, MBA, FACS
Leading Ophthalmologists of the World
Dr. Sunalp is licensed and in good standing in the following states:


Hospital Affiliation:
Community Commitment
Throughout the past 30 years Dr. Sunalp has supported his community in many ways, both large and small.  He has been providing eye examinations and support to local charities  such as CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for Children and Visalia Veterans Committee.  His free eye exams for Tulare High School students has ensured that students are not handicapped by undiagnosed visual problems.  Look for his booth at the next Health Fair where you will find him and his staff ready to assist you with your vision related questions.
International Commitment
Dr. Sunalp has provided charity services through various nongovernmental organizations throughout the world. In regions struck by earthquakes, in war zones and areas of dire poverty, he has provided medical care to those who were in desperate need. In areas ranging from Cabo San Jose, Mexico to Sarajevo, Bosnia, from the Azores to Mardin, Turkey, Dr. Sunalp has offered his services in a spirit of humanity and an understanding of fellow suffering.
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